Glastop OÜ is an Estonian private equity company. In addition, it is the parent company of a subsidiary of the same name in Norway.
The company has developed a team with work experience in installing windows, doors, glass façades and conservatories since 2010. In addition to Estonia and Norway, the experience has been acquired from Finland,Sweden and Iceland.
The company's main area of operation is the installation of aluminium opening fills.
Glastop OÜ operates mainly in Norway and Iceland and also in other Scandinavian countries.
We have also performed some outstanding works in Estonia, which can be seen on references.

Glastop OÜ also has liability insurance for activities in the amount of EUR 100 000.00 for damage caused to third parties.
Glastop OÜ has also committed itself to having employer liability insurance, which in turn protects workers and third parties from 100,000.00 EUROS in the event of accidents.